Meditation Training

I’d love to provide meditation and mindfulness training to your team. The best way to get started is with one of my introductory workshops, for up to 50 people. I offer a range of workshops that are easily tailored to your needs. All seminars cover the following material:

  • Training the mind – why technology professionals benefit from meditation
  • Stress, the mind and meditation
  • A guided meditation training, and feedback
  • Two “everyday meditations” that you can practice anywhere, anytime

You’ll leave with an enhanced capacity to recognise stress and several tools that will help you relax your body and your
mind. These tools will help you stay focused, productive and in flow.

  • 90 minute training $600
  • 75 minutes $500
  • 60 minutes $475

I also offer private one-on-one mindfulness coaching sessions at $120/hour. These sessions can take place over Skype/Zoom.

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Software Delivery Consulting

There isn’t a part of the software development life-cycle I haven’t been involved in. I started my career helping academic physicists build scientific software for high-performance computing. I spent time consulting to the investment banking and wealth management industries.

I’ve worked in property industry startups, mid-sized corporates, and online travel aggregators. I’ve worked on all the major dev stacks (Java/.NET/PHP/Linux/Window/FrontEnd/Backend) as well as in leadership and coaching roles. My career path is mapped on LinkedIn

Right now I’m interested in taking on projects in the digital well-being space. I’m particularly in effort for equity projects, so if you’re early stage, get in touch. My current tech favorites are PHP/Laravel and React on the front end.

My approach to development projects is flexible, empirical and agile influenced. The question I’m always asking is – “will this be valuable if we build it?”.

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