Hi, I’m Daragh. The ‘gh’ is silent (I’m Irish, we do that with names…)

I’m on a mission to teach programmers everywhere that their mental capacities can become even more fabulous through attention regulation training – otherwise known as meditation.

There’s a fabulous machine between your ears – your brain.

It’s the hardware for your most important resource as a programmer – your mind.

My passion for meditation developed alongside my career in software development, during which I became keenly aware that – like so many of us – I was making my living using the power of my mind.

I became aware of this fact the hard way – through a number of mental malfunctions. I know precisely how unruly an untrained mind can become.

As well as teaching at a number of prominent Sydney studios, I run regular in-depth, group-based meditation workshops and courses. I have been fortunate to speak about meditation at a number of conferences, and I regularly teach and have taught meditation to a number of Australia’s most progressive organisations.

And now I’m here on Coding Mindfully, helping you help yourself!

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