Clear mind, clean code

The most valuable asset a coder has is a clear mind. But the pressures of coding can make us feel like we have the busiest mind in the world. I know this feeling so well!

I’ve spent years of my coding career undermined by self-doubt. I’ve felt like a complete fraud, out of my depth, like I’d be caught out at any moment – that I just wasn’t a good enough programmer…

I’ve burnt out more than once. The stresses and strains of continuous delivery demands, the feelings that I might be left behind by this ever changing industry.

I’ve spend countless frustrating nights staring at code, wondering what the hell is wrong, knowing it’s my fault but not having a clue what to do…

It’s lead me on a multi-year journey into the depths of my own mind.

Too much stress can ruin a coder’s clarity. Mindfulness meditation is a science backed practice that helps you to manage stress, work with difficult emotional states (like burnout, frustration, impostor syndrome and more).

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Learning to code, or coding professionally?

I’ve been programming professionally for 18 years. I’ve been through it all – the dazzling highs of successful projects, the miserable lows of feeling like a fish out of water, crippled by burnout, overwhelmed by the pressure to learn an endless list of always changing technologies…
I know it can be tough to find your way in the world of coding – particularly if you don’t have a traditional computer science background. It’s my mission to help you navigate this world with a calm, laser focused mind.I use scientifically grounded mindfulness meditation based practices to educate you about your mind, how stress works and what you can do about it.
I write articles on the relationship between stress, the mind and coding productivity.I produce video resources that help you learn practical tools for managing stress, training your mind to be more focused and productive.

Start with my Ultimate Guide to Meditation for Programmers.

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I've been writing code professionally for 18 years. I've hired and run software teams, seen start-ups become grownups, coached agile times, and then some. If you're building software, there's a way I can help, even if it's just some friendly advice.

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The Ultimate Guide to Meditation For Programmers

I care about the mental capacities - and mental health - of programmers everywhere. So I wrote the best guide to meditation targeted at programmers you can find on the internet.

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