Mindful Coding

Bust stress, boost focus and smash your produtivity goals through Attention Regulation Training.

Hi, I’m Daragh. I build software and practice (and teach!) meditation. Sometimes I write software for people who want to meditate.

I want to help you change the world around you, by turning your dreams into technology.

I want to help you change the world inside you, by sharpening your most valuable tool – your mind.

I’ve been writing code for 28 years, 17 of those professionally. I’ve been meditating for over a decade, and teaching for many years. Here’s how I can help you.

Software Development Consulting

I've been writing code for 28 years. I've hired and run software teams, seen start-ups become grownups, coached agile times, and then some. If you're building software, there's a way I can help, even if it's just some friendly advice.

Previous Work
The Ultimate Guide to Meditation For Programmers

I care about the mental capacities - and mental health - of programmers everywhere. So I wrote the best guide to meditation targeted at programmers you can find on the internet.

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I have helped training companies, drone pilots, graphic designers, startups in property in online travel and property, mining conglomerates, investment banks, and many other businesses of all sizes re-engineer their back and front end systems. Hear about it in their words.

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